Matrix Residential Properties is engaged in the development of various types of residential projects that include low, medium and high density open market and age restricted housing, and mixed use and urban redevelopment.

Matrix has enjoyed a long history of designing and redeveloping projects. We look for opportunities in which we can bring our resources and apply our expertise to create value. This includes selecting the project and the development team, identifying the sensitivities of the site and the community, positioning the project within the marketplace, and taking it through the approval process. Matrix has developed thousands of residential units throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. A few examples of our residential expertise are as follows:

An example of Matrix’s unique development process can be seen in our approach towards “The National at Old City”, a mixed use development located in Philadelphia that is woven into the most historic section of the City under the careful watch of community groups, preservationists, artist groups and historic organizations. Prior to our arrival, others unsuccessfully attempted to develop this almost 2.5 acre site spanning two city blocks and considered to be the largest private assemblage of property in Old City.Matrix realized “up-front” that any project could only move forward with the support and endorsements from all of the special interest groups. “The National at Old City” received all approvals, after the design was accepted by the community. This project consists of over 200 lofts and townhouses, 25,000 square feet of retail and parking for over 300 cars.

Octagon Center is yet another example of our residential development capabilities. The project was initially designed and approved for a mixed-use development consisting of over 650,000 square feet of mid-rise office space and 450,000 square feet of large and small retail space. As a result of extensive community interaction in addition to changing market conditions, the project is now in its final stages of development for a primarily residential community comprised of 600 age-restricted units, approximately 30,000 square feet of one and two story office space, and approximately 10,000 square feet of small retail pads.

Our most recent endeavor is Matrix’s Plaza Centre in New Brunswick. Matrix originally purchased two office buildings - known as Plaza I and Plaza II - totaling 210,000 SF along with nine acres of adjacent land. These office buildings are the cornerstones of the overall Plaza Centre. Adjacent to the Plaza I and II buildings, Matrix, along with its partners, developed the Highlands at Plaza Square consisting of 417 luxury apartments, 6,500 SF of complementary retail and a 650 unit parking garage. The final phase of the Plaza Centre has been approved and a new, state-of-the-art parking deck has been built as a complement to the office building and residential. The remaining 3 acre site is now being constructed along with Alliance Property Group and Prudential, into a 400 unit multifamily apartment building due early 2017.

Matrix Residential Properties attributes its success to several factors: the experience of the company; the professionalism of its development team; the ability to rely on the company’s wide expertise in all areas of real estate development; and its philosophy that each project is individual and requires a complete understanding of the marketplace and community.