Matrix is an owner and developer of mixed use real estate product. This includes commercial, industrial, residential, retail and hospitality properties. Our unique corporate qualifications are as follows:

For more than thirty years, Matrix has been recognized throughout the Northeast as a leader in developing high quality commercial, industrial, and mixed use developments valued in excess of $1 billion. The company has a proven track record of providing more than ground-up development services as well as the following services:

Providing Corporate Services
Structuring Public/Private Partnerships
Urban Redevelopment
Mixed Use Development

The Process of Creating Value
The primary goal in real estate development is to create value, and the true leaders in the industry are the companies that can identify and maximize the investment potential of any project.

Over the years, Matrix Development Group has been recognized for superior performance in building value in real estate. In properties that have included commercial, industrial, residential, leisure, mixed use, golf and hospitality developments, we have consistently delivered the capabilities and innovative approaches necessary to be successful. By taking extra steps to meet a tenant's special requirements and improve the communities where we work and live, Matrix is committed to building the value of each property in our portfolio for ourselves and for our partners.

Corporate Services
To keep a project on track, and identify solutions that will save time and reduce costs, businesses need access to a broad range of corporate real estate services. Whether they need a broker or tenant representative, development or approvals manager, more businesses each year are turning to the skilled real estate professionals at Matrix. With a customized approach to address each of a company's real estate needs, Matrix delivers results every step of the way from strategic planning to move in.

Services to meet any real estate need
When Novartis Pharmaceuticals sold its office campus in Summit, New Jersey, company division Novartis Consumer Health needed a new 150,000 square foot headquarters. As tenant representative for the project, Matrix worked closely with the senior management team at NCH to review employee demographics, assess the company's real estate strategy and analyze market opportunities. Comprehensive research helped to identify an ideal location for a flexible corporate headquarters that also represented a significant opportunity to enhance NCH's corporate image. Matrix also served as development manager on the project.

Financial services leader Advanta chose Matrix as development manager for a multi-phase relocation with several unique challenges. Two buildings totaling 200,000 square feet needed to meet the requirements of different company divisions, while also leaving room for possible expansion or restructuring. When a company acquisition increased the number of employees, Matrix secured revised approvals to incorporate a new two-level parking structure while construction continued on the originally-planned project within budget and on schedule. Matrix has also served as tenant representative and approvals manager for eight different buildings in three states for Advanta.

Public-Private Partnership
More than ever before, real estate today demands an effective collaboration between the public and private sectors. Matrix has earned a longstanding reputation as a responsible and diligent partner with the communities where we have real estate interests. By investing the time and energy that these important relationships demand, Matrix is able to work through many issues that threaten to slow or derail a project. These collaborations also help us to find new opportunities to enhance a project's economic and social benefits.

Successful collaborations
Commonwealth Corporate Center was a mixed-use development project in Horsham, Pennsylvania, including a troubled golf course, two existing office buildings totaling more than 210,000 square feet, and 294 adjacent acres of vacant land. Seeing tremendous potential in the site, Matrix worked quickly to upgrade the golf facility and stabilize the office buildings, and then initiated an aggressive marketing campaign to demonstrate the area's suitability for tenants including General Instrument (now Motorola) and Advanta Corporation. One significant obstacle was the immediate need to improve five miles of nearby roadways. Matrix coordinated a complex multi-million dollar public-private initiative involving the site's lead tenants, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Montgomery County, Horsham Township and other state and local agencies. With financing from 17 different sources and involving seven different government entities, a project that would typically take 12-15 years to complete - including substantial roadway improvements and six new intersections - was completed within four years. Commonwealth Corporate Center is now fully developed.

Urban Initiatives
Matrix has consistently recognized the significant investment potential offered by many urban real estate initiatives. The company currently has investments in Newark, Elizabeth, Trenton, Perth Amboy and New Brunswick. Urban sites frequently feature convenient locations and superior accessibility, an abundant supply of business services, and a demonstration of economic need. A history of success working with many different state and local agencies, coupled with the insights and judgment of urban real estate specialists, positions Matrix to pursue redevelopment opportunities in many other cities in the years ahead.

A focus on urban development
Matrix was selected by the Redevelopment Agency of Perth Amboy, New Jersey, to redevelop 26 downtown acres for a proposed industrial park. Recognizing the site's significant potential, Matrix proposed the development of 450,000+ square feet of light industrial and manufacturing space. Today, the fully completed project is a cornerstone of Perth Amboy's efforts to revitalize neglected commercial areas. Matrix will address many special needs at the site, including the correction of environmental problems and improvements in road access.

Mixed-Use Developments
Unlocking the value potential of any development project requires a careful assessment of market opportunities in that area. In many cases, research conducted by Matrix reveals that a mixed-use combination of industrial, commercial, retail, residential or other types of real estate represents the best approach in balancing market conditions, community goals, investment potential, and many other factors. With experience in a wide range of real estate product types, Matrix is able to assess all of the options and develop projects that complement different markets and communities while also increasing a site's return on investment.

Challenge. . .opportunity. . .solution.
A site in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, was undeveloped for more than a decade because existing approvals did not complement prevailing market conditions and community needs. Matrix conducted a comprehensive analysis of market and site conditions, and then proceeded to earn the necessary revised approvals for a plan incorporating retail, office and hotel uses. While previous developments considered for the site required road improvements that would have taken a decade to complete, the Matrix plan made it possible to enhance roadways and make other improvements in a fraction of the time. The $250 million, 1.8 million square foot project represents the ideal development mix for the site today, with the flexibility to consider many new options for expansion in the years ahead.